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THe W.O.W Network

Ella Clarke and Jackie Anders are the founders of The W.O.W Network.  The W.O.W Network was established to aid in the support of new and debut authors.  The network is structured to provide new writers with social media exposure, marketing support, and professional advice regarding the navigation of the publishing industry.

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As a part of the network, new and debut authors have access to the WriteOrWrong Virtual Book Club platform of readers, reviewers, influencers and other writers. Authors can submit their completed works to be considered for a ‘Book of the Month’.  The featured book is marketed via social media, two virtual meetings are scheduled for group discussion, and book reviews are encouraged at the completion of the month.

The WriteOrWrong Virtual Book Club

Love to read and review books, or are you a new writer looking for feedback on your work? 

By The Moonlight Writers Podcast and The W.O.W Network YouTube Channel


The W.O.W. Network inspires and influences new and debut authors through social media via the WriteOrWrong YouTube Channel and the By The Moonlight Writers Podcast!


Ella Clarke and Jackie Anders, talk books, reviews, and publishing. These dynamic and fun shows include guest interviews with industry subject matter experts, and W.O.W. Network supporters.


By The Moonlight Writers Podcast



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